Artist in Residence

I love being invited into organizations or schools to be an artist in residence.  As an artist in residence I believe my role is to come along side others to make it possible for a creative dream to be realized.  If you are interested in having an artist in residence in your community please contact me at  I have featured some of the projects I have done previously below. 


Passport Project - Year Long Curriculum

Using the book I wrote and illustrated, Passport Project I have worked with schools to implement a year long program that allows students to explore their community, build their storytelling skills and become engaged citizens.  Students are invited to complete 20 challenges which help to build their cultural capital and widen their range of experiences. I have enjoyed facilitating Passport Project days wherein several challenges are achieved within one day or showcase projects that can be presented upon completion of each of the 20 challenges. 

Film Projects - Reel World Youth

Students partnered with myself and fellow local filmmaker, Chris Hsiung to create short documentaries featuring someone who was creating positive change in an area that they were interested in learning more about.  Film topics ranged from urban beekeeping to wheelchair basketball to issues of homelessness.  20 films were created in  total and were showcased to an audience of more than 300 people. 

Podcast Projects - Radio Girls

Students partnered with myself and local CBC radio producer and journalist, Danielle Nerman to create podcasts.  Each podcast featured one of the challenges they had completed as part of their Passport Project year long project. Podcasts were featured as part of a 'listening party' where we hosted more than 300 people along with special guests from the CBC. 

Podcast & Photo Project - Human Voice Project

Worked with CCGC to train survivors of conflicts from around the world to more effectively tell their stories and equipped youth to capture those stories and produce compelling podcasts.  Our podcasts and accompanying portrait photography were featured in a local art gallery and in an opening gala event. 

Mural Projects - Classroom Champions

Through the Classroom Champions program, students were challenged to identify a need in their community.  Our students identified that there was a need for positive and inspiring messages within the school.  Their solution was to create 4 large scale murals on fabric that would each include an important message that aligned with school values.