Empowering young professionals to confidently create positive change. 

Kate’s vision is to empower leaders with models and tools to be resilient and positive even when facing leadership challenges. Kate can provide the tools necessary to help your workplace attract and retain high performing leaders, change-makers and community builders. 

Kate shares inspiring stories from her travels as a documentary filmmaker, artist and teacher of positive trailblazers from around the world.  Her storytelling, hands-on tools and strategies engage audiences and show them how to increase their productivity by finding their own sense of purpose.

Check out Kate's TED Talk: Power of Positive News


  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Positive Change
  • Resilience
  • Positive News
  • Storytelling
  • Travel

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 Kathryn (Kate) McKenzie

 Email: worldviewsproject2012@gmail.com


Twitter: @Kate4Hope


  • Alberta Council for Global Cooperation - Top 30 Under 30
  • Red Deer College Distinguished Alumni
  • Alberta Government Flood Hero


Be The Change, But Save Time
Best practices for leaders who want to confidently create positive change

After having interviewed over 100 sustainable change makers and trailblazers from around the world, Kate has found the common best practices that allow leaders to create long lasting positive change.


My Travelling Shoes Are High Heels – Why We Need More Explorers

Reignite the spirit of adventure and curiosity that allows us all to be explorers and trailblazers in our own world. Be inspired by Kate’s stories of worldwide travel and discover practical solutions to help you reframe obstacles as opportunities for growth and replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.


Power of Positive News

In an age of negative news and increasing mental illness is it possible to pursue a positive alternative? Kate McKenzie believes that peace both individually and internationally can only be brought about through sharing positive stories. Hear the story of how she founded Worldviews Project to inspire others to believe that positive change is possible by making short documentaries of people from nine countries over seven months.


  •  Increasing Positivity in the Workplace
  • Storytelling your way to the top
  • Increasing Mental Strength for Peak Performance
  • Revealing the Mystery of TED Talks
  • The Hero’s Journey – How to Effectively Share What You’ve Learned


What do clients say?

Kate was an engaging speaker who connected with our staff through her entertaining stories, uplifting videos and relevant real life examples. She provided insight to our company on how we can better connect through storytelling instead of facts and figures.
— Claire Brownlie, AMEC
Kate was a delight to work with in developing the presentation with us to meet the needs of our audience. Her enthusiasm for sharing her insights about education and the future of learning was very engaging.
— Rod Corbett, Mount Royal University